Highland & Monroe Storm Drain Replacement

The project has three components:
Highland Avenue
45th Street and Monroe Avenue
North Talmadge Drive.

Aldine Wall

The existing Highland storm drain is located between 4565 & 4559 Highland Avenue and will be removed and a 24 inch diamater RCP together with a Type A cleanout, SDD-105 dissipator and modified cleanout will be installed. The existing storm drain northeast of the 45th Street cul-de-sac will be abandoned. New inlets, cleanouts, and a 24 inch RCP will be located on 45th Street and Monroe Avenue connecting to Max Drve. The North Talmadge Drive storm drain is located between 4382 and 4386 North Talmadge Drive and runs east to Aldine Drive. The existing HDPE will be removed and replaced with 18 inch diameter RCP, tied into an existing cleanout with a type A-4 cleanout and SDD-105 dissipator installed.
Aerial Map of Highland Monroe Project
City Letter 20180809
Highland Monroe Development Plans
Site Development Assessment Letter 20151118